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Add more data into pop-up in a Sense bar chart


I want to show a value based on the chart dimension just int he pop-up text of my bar chart in Qlik sense. It seems impossible for me in Qlik sense while i have done before in QlikView. Do you know any way or any good extension for that?

For instance: I have some products and I want to show the sum(Amount) of each one in a bar chart. Also, I want to show sum(Quantity) of the same product just in the pop-up text of the chart. values of Sum(Amount) and sum(Quantity) are way different.

Is there any chance to make it just on the pop-up text?

Thanks so much in advanced.


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Creator II
Creator II

Re: Add more data into pop-up in a Sense bar chart

If your two measures are both positive values, you probably can make one measure as negative and set up the range above 0 so the negative one will be hided in the viz, but keep in tooltip. For the negative value, you need do a custom format to display both positive and negative values as positive value as shown below screenshot. 



Hope this helps