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Add reference line in scatter plot chart (Qliksense)


I am trying to add a simple y=x axis (diagonal) to my scatter plot chart but I haven'd found any method until now.

There is a possibility to add a Position line in the Add-on section, but I only managed to display a vertical or horizontal line, and not a diagonal as I would want to. How would it be possible?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Add reference line in scatter plot chart (Qliksense)


I'm seeking the same feature/function.

I've come across this thread - Possible to add a trend line to a scatter plot in QlikSense?

which leads to another thread and a possible workbook with a formula that I'm trying to get my head around now.

Bottomline - it seems possible, but as QV has been doing this for years (above link takes you to a 2014 thread) but the 'self service' application doesn't.

Adding a reply just so you know others are interested as well.


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