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Annual Budget duplicating

Good Day,

I have data like the one below. The months is the expenditure per month. The budget is a yearly budget for the Responsibility_Objective_Item combination

When i do the cross table for the expenditure month, it duplicates the annual budget with the number of expenditure months.

Please assist. i have attached the qvf

ResponsibilityObjectiveItem Yearly Budget  January  February  March  April  May  June 
Finacial GovernanceFIMSBasic Salary                      500.00     300.00        600.00      900.00   1 200.00   1 500.00   1 800.00
Finacial GovernanceComplianceBasic Salary 1 000.00     400.00        800.00   1 200.00   1 600.00   2 400.00   2 800.00
Finacial GovernanceFAMSBasic Salary                   1 500.00     500.00     1 000.00   1 500.00   2 000.00   2 500.00   3 000.00
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Re: Annual Budget duplicating

In your QVF you reference a "lib://Desktop_Info/Sample_Data.xlsx" which isn't in the QVF.zip file.

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Re: Annual Budget duplicating

Attached is the Sample_Data file i'm reading from