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App Level Security Access Internal Server Error

Hi All,

Need assists i followed video / guide from Qlik Sense Stream Management Security Rules and Exception Management - YouTube to  implement App Level security access.

Once I do the last part  Apps Exception Rule and apply to application I get server internal error.

Advance conditions for

Default Rule

(resource.resourcetype = "App" and resource.stream.HasPrivilege("read") and resource.@AppLevelManagment.Empty())

or ((resource.resourcetype = "App.Object" and resource.published ="true" and resource.objectType != "app_appscript" and resource.objectType != "loadmodel") and resource.app.stream.HasPrivilege("read"))

Exception Rule

resource.stream.HasPrivillege("read") and ((user.@AppLevelManagment=resource.@AppLevelManagment))

All the users able access will get the error as well thank you for kindly assists & thank you.

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