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App undo/redo API question


Any app developer who has come across the App.undo / redo API's? I'm wondering when to use / when not to use it.

The engine api has an app.undo/redo global method.



I'm providing some custom Qlik Sense UI editor (not a worksheet) and using the engine API. I'm storing the state in the app using my own generic object. The UI editor has some undo/redo capability. I'm wondering if I should leverage that global app Undo/Redo . Is that API just for the Qlik Sense worksheet editor?

This is what I understand of that API:

It is not scoped to a single generic object, it queues all generic object changes. It’s particularly suited for the Qlik Sense worksheet global undo/redo. I can add new work sheet objects, edit properties and undo/redo in order.

Do my own generic objects persisted in the app become automatically part of that undo stack? Or does that stack only affect certain types of generic objects?

Thanks for any tip with that API...


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