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Apply a filter to more than one chart

Hi Everyone, I have a dashboard that is used to track company capabilities and their levels.  We have several different capabilities, and each one can have a High/Med/Low capability level.  Selecting these levels currently updates a cost projection chart, however, we also have narratives for what each level looks like in a separate sheet.  These two data sources are not directly tied to each other in Qlik Sense, but can both be filtered via the High/Med/Low selection.

Right now the filter applies to the cost chart, I am wondering if I'm also able to apply it to the narrative charts despite the data sources not being linked?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Apply a filter to more than one chart


Unless the two tables are joined/linked in Qlik, the filter that applies to the cost projection chart will never be able to affect the narrative charts. You would need to locate a logical link between the tables.