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Apps are not loading properly


We have some problems with apps loading on QlikSense April 2018.

Sometimes, apps are not loading properly.

We can open app, but when we open a sheet, we get “Cancel” buttons and loading circle, like in folowing screenshots.

Although we wait a long time, sheet’s objects don’t load.

Server CPU is not used and memory does not increase.

If we restart all Qlik Sense services, all apps start working normally.

This behavior is random, with random apps.

We didn’t had this problem before upgrade to April 2018.

Our configuration is:

1 Central Node

1 Secondary Node (with all 5 services: Repository, Engine, Printing, Proxy, Scheduler)

Central Proxy (Default), uses Secondary Node as load balancing node.

SecondaryNode Proxy (Default), uses Secondary Node as load balancing node.


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