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Associations vs Concatenate Tables

Hi Team,

We have to check Performance the which way is provide better solution on Associations vs Concatenate Tables in QlikSense ?

I have two set of tables which contain more than 500 columns in each table.I have created the link key for common fields and created the  link Table (contains 200 common fields).we are getting the correct data now.It definitely have the association key Weight age.

If i concatenate the those two tables without link table(not creating Associations key).How the data will perform?


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Re: Associations vs Concatenate Tables

500 columns is quite a lot, indeed it would take awful lot of viz's to exploit that many.  Are there any columns not used  that you could get rid of ?

A link table with 200 common fields seems very excessive.

p.s. I am advocate of concatenating fact tables where appropriate.

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