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Autosave in Script Editor

I was working on a load script, nothing too complicated but a time consuming free handed sort of thing. About 15 minute went by when my qlik sense session timed out. I lost my changes.

We're on 3.1 SR3 and It appears that the script editor is behaving differently than on previous versions. When the session would timeout the dialog box would pop up telling you that your session had timed out then then you could skip the browser refesh, jump into the load editor copy your code and then refresh without losing what you had done.

Can we have that back please?

‌ you asked me to tag you after I popped off on Twitter about this.



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Re: Autosave in Script Editor

Just had the same thing - but I had quite a lot done.   Questions for developers:

1) Why do you consider work in the Script Editor as not being activity and cause a time out

2) Is there an auto save function ie - Save every x minutes - not allowed say it but - like there was in QlikView :-)!

3) If you must program a time out then at least offer save option or a warning - about to time out do you want to save.

Grrrr..... nicely!   Lots to redo!


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