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Average count by hour

Good evening Community,

I have been working on this and not able to make it work as would like. Wish to compare average count per hour to a daily count per hour. I have the hour fine however not able to get the average per hour except in total format not across by hour for all days. Below is by hour for single day from filter selection. Would like the Average to be all tickets in database, no missin

Using Hour(TimeField) to select the hour

Counting by Count(TicketID)

Location Name is a field for multiple locations


Here is what currently using to get this result, I am sure missing something small just not able to determine what.

avg(aggr(Count( {1} distinct TicketNo) , LocationName))

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Average count by hour


Can you add a sample of your data or your qvf ?



Re: Average count by hour

You may need to calculate Hour in the data model

then you calculate the counts by the intersection of an hour and a location and then average those details .  You may also need TOTAL <LocationName> in the outer avg()  function.

avg( aggr(Count( {1} distinct TicketNo) , LocationName,Hour)   )

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Re: Average count by hour

Hello Jonathan,

I am still not able to get what I am looking for, I have tried the total in load also and still not quite their.

I appreciate the effort though, no very close just not exact.

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