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Bar Chart - Value Mismatches


I have one bar chart and pivot table for the same data.

I'm trying to prepare generic bar chart and pivot table, for that I have created a list view to select a particular dimension.

Once user select the dimension from the list then the bar chart and pivot table should display data accordingly. For me everything is working fine other than one default case.

List view is consisting of 'Year', 'Quarter', 'Month'

Bar Chart and Pivot table created with 2 dimensions and one measure.

1st Dim:

if(GetSelectedCount(FieldValue) = 0, Month,

    if(GetFieldSelections(FieldValue) = 'Year', RHFisYear,

        if(GetFieldSelections(FieldValue) = 'Quarter', RHQuarter,

            if(GetFieldSelections(FieldValue) = 'Month', Month)




2nd Dim: if(Team = 'Global Serv Mktg', 'GSM', if(Team = 'Mkt-Ops', 'MO', Team))

Measure: $(vUtilizationHrs)/($(vAvailableHrs))


Sum(TOTAL <[Date Entered],Resource, Team, Month, Quarter, RHQuarter>

Aggr(NetWorkDays (Date#(Min(date([Date Entered],'M/D/YYYY'))),Date#(max(date([Date Entered],'M/D/YYYY')))),

Resource, Team, RHQuarter, Month, Quarter)*8) -

sum(TOTAL <[Date Entered],Resource, Team, Month, Quarter, RHQuarter>aggr(sum(if(IsHoliday = 'Y', '1', 0))*8,Resource, Team, RHQuarter, Month, Quarter))


Sum([Utilization (In Hrs)])


If nothing has selected from list view, by default it should consider 1st dim as Month (Ref above expression) and if something has selected, reports should display accordingly.


By default my bar chart is displaying values (5 times to expected value) but pivot is displaying accurate.

If i select month or any other list value, then the values are displaying correct.

I don't know why default value (month) showing 5 times than when I select month from list.

By Default:

When I select Month:

Note: Ignore the label name Year, label should be Month.

Can anyone help me in understanding the issue.

Thanks & Regards,

Prashanth Reddy D.

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Re: Bar Chart - Value Mismatches

Would you be able to share a sample to look at this? I know you have laid out all possible description, but looking at the issue might help us understand better

Contributor III

Re: Bar Chart - Value Mismatches

Hi Sunny,

Have a look at the bar and other charts. I can see the difference only if

nothing has selected from list view. i.e. By default, I'm building charts

by Quarter.

On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 5:47 PM, Sunny Talwar <qcwebmaster@qlikview.com>

Contributor III

Re: Bar Chart - Value Mismatches

My app is huge, just for the sake of issue, I built new one.

Re: Bar Chart - Value Mismatches

I am not sure why this is happening, but this is a work around

Sum(Aggr($(vUtilizationHrs), Team,

$(=if(GetSelectedCount(MesValue) = 0, 'Quarter', if(GetFieldSelections(MesValue) = 'Year', 'RHFisYear', if(GetFieldSelections(MesValue) = 'Quarter', 'Quarter', if(GetFieldSelections(MesValue) = 'Month', 'Month', 'Quarter')))))))/($(vAvailableHrs))

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Re: Bar Chart - Value Mismatches

Hi Sunny,

Thanks a lot.. It is working.

How can I bring that issue to QlikDev Team?

Re: Bar Chart - Value Mismatches

I am not sure, but may be mto‌ can help here


Re: Bar Chart - Value Mismatches

Hi Prashanth - you can send an email to support@qlik.com - please make sure to reference this thread as well as provide any repro steps to reproduce the issue.

Mike Tarallo