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Bar & Area Chart Bug

We are using Qlik Sense April 2019 Patch 1, qliksenseserver 13.21.2

I believe this is a bug.

I wanted to show occupancy each hour over a 24 hour period. However the bar & area chart (from the Qlik Visualization Bundle) only allows up to 10 measures; so I added 3 bar & area charts to the sheet and lined them up side-by-side.

However I noticed that changing the x-axis label style on the second and third bar & area chart only affects the label style of the first placed chart and not the second or third. This means I cannot set the format of the x labels in the second and third chart. The effect does not work in reverse.

Whilst I see this effect for primarily between label styles there are other interactions for example setting the bar text in chart 3 affects the label style in chart 1!

The second placed chart was a copy of the first. The third placed chart was not a copy. Whether a copy or not made no difference to the bug.


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