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Baseball Card Visualization



I am trying to build out what's called baseball card for my client. They want to be able to see their information displayed vertically in a straight table based upon one selection (that selection being the primary key).

I have scripted a very funky pivot table that only has columns. The first image is what the table looks like prior to selection. The second image is what it looks like after a selection has been made.

I had to do this by making every dimension a column in a pivot table. I also had to insert one measure = ''. Furthermore, every dimension is scripted in such a way:

= 'Case:' &  ' ' &  Case

But, this is clunky and provides me with no way to format the values or anything else. Has any else had to design a type of data flashcard?







unfiltered.PNGPivot results prior to selectionfiltered.PNGPivot results after selection

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