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Binary on Sense - Best Practice

Good morning,

Our supplier suggested to not use the Binary Statement in sense.

He reported me this answer from the partner support:



You want to  BINARY LOAD Qlik Sense Server with the Syntax:

BINARY [SenseAppID];  (for example BINARY 2d405d18-ddd3-5353-5128-adce12e482bdSmiley Wink


Qlik Sense cannot lock the file, as it would be required for the binary load, when this is requested by other users in the hub.


Binary load from apps in the apps folder in Qlik Sense server is not supported.
The reason is that in order to the binary load, the Engine needs to maintain a lock on the file being binary loaded,  but likewise the Engine may need to lock the same file for end users trying to open that app in the Hub.


Sincerely on Qlikview in our Qlik structure I do use the binary statement in each dashboard for connecting to the data model. This was for me a best practice to use in order to use the same data model with different interfaces. But now I got this recommendation from the local partner and I am not sure. Can you please confirm that the Binary Statement on Qlik Sense is not recommended?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Binary on Sense - Best Practice

Noone ?

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Re: Binary on Sense - Best Practice

Hi! Have you found out any more about this in the last months?

Is the restriction also for loading binary Qlik View files of qvw type?

I am too looking at binary loads as a way to avoid doble development and make one application or Qlik Sense a "slave" to a data model built previously.

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Re: Binary on Sense - Best Practice

If "master" is only for the purpose of being binary loaded locks shouldn't do any charm.

But why not to do it by creating QVDs for each table in the data model and load it into the final applications?


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Re: Binary on Sense - Best Practice

Thanks for the reply, yep I was thinking the same. We`ll see what we do, the Qlik View file has been developed for many years and it might be better with a fresh start in Qlik Sense and just put in some procedures to avoid data descrepancies between the two.