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Black screen while opening sheet (after June 2018 update)

Hi everyone, I am using Qlik Sense Server Enterprise June 2018. After the update, we start to facing this issue.

When trying to open a sheet, screen is freezing. If I refresh the page, screen is opening without freezing. If I not , I must to wait like 5 minutes.

It's not just a page-specific issue. This problem exists in most applications or sheets.

P.S: The server does not meet the recommended system requirements, but in the previous version we did not encounter this problem.


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Re: Black screen while opening sheet (after June 2018 update)

I managed to solve the problem. Just delete the unused connections under Custom Data folders. I deleted all connections expect QvRestConnector. It's working fine for now.

  • Program Data/Qlik/Custom Data
  • Program Files/Common Files/Qlik/Custom Data
  • Share Folder/Custom Data