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Bold font in an expression?

In a standard table or a pivot table I'd like to highlight a row by making the font BOLD.

I'm not sure how to get this done.  Any ideas? 

For example, I have a table with the first column being called Product from the Product field in the data model.

If the Product value is "Furniture" I'd like that or the entire row to be in bold font....

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Re: Bold font in an expression?

You will need to do this for all your expression and dimension:

If(Product = 'Furniture', '<b>')

Re: Bold font in an expression?

Attaching a sample qvw and screenshot of the output:


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Re: Bold font in an expression?

if u want to make the whole row or just the header bold then alternatively you can do this-

right click on header or any cell of the table > Click custom format cell > in the coming window you have option to control color and fonts.

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Re: Bold font in an expression?

This is a Qlik Sense question (I posted it on a Qlik Sense blog).  Your answer is for QlikView, not Qlik Sense...

Re: Bold font in an expression?

Sorry about that . Will look for a Qlik Sense solution now

Re: Bold font in an expression?

I think Text Format option doesn't seem to be available in Qlik Sense so far, may be in the future versions we may get that functionality.



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Re: Bold font in an expression?


There is a background and text color option. You can highlight via using either of these options.



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Re: Bold font in an expression?

Can I bold or apply color for a specific string in the text ?

I was able to convert it to upper case using the following. But would be nice to color the string or make it bold



Any Help is highly appreciated. Thank You

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