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Box Plot - Qliksense export/display in table values from the popup

Hi All - Is there a good way to display in a table or export the calculated values that show in the box plot pop-up in qliksense?

I am using the box plot chart to analyze setting KPIs across a number of items and am interested in using the median in a chart.  I like the way the box plot shows the data and that I can use a reference line, but I am finding it really difficult to display it in a table or export.  When I take median(MyMetric), the value doesn't match the median in the popup of the box plot (standard (tukey)).  

I exported the data from box plot and exported the median(MyMetric) underlying data and found that the data in the box plot is somehow already filtered/handling outliers.  I'm not sure how to replicate just the median calculation in a box plot.


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