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Bug Qlik sense 3.1 SR2 in filter when using aggr()

Hi all,

I just found a new bug in the 3.1 SR2 version. (at least I think it is a bug)

If i use the "compact" version of a filter nothing appear.

Eg :

if a create a filter containing a date : the data just being "=feedback_created_at"


if works, but if i change the formula to : "aggr(feedback_created_at,feedback_created_at)" I got :


I need to add a wildcard in the research field to see my data :


So far I didn't found any workaround for this, ideas anyone ?

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So I tested the problem in SR5 and It doesn't appear anymore.

Will mark this as closed.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Why would you even want to use aggr( Field, Field) as expression for a filter pane?

For what it's worth, this behavior is the same in Qlikview and I doubt it has ever been different.

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This is for the example of the bug, any aggr would produce this.

I didn't have this probleme on Qlik sense 3 or 3.1, it only started on Qlik Sense 3.1SR2

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I'm probably misunderstanding you. Anyway, if you think you've discovered a bug then open an issue with Qlik Support.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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i have the same problem and i don't used aggr() function but a simply IF()09-Dec-16 12-38-51 PM.jpg

09-Dec-16 12-36-31 PM.jpg

but Just beside it I have another filter and it works with the same type of function

09-Dec-16 12-42-44 PM.jpg

09-Dec-16 12-44-10 PM.jpg

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Double check that you have data in your service line when it is not compacted, or that you have data when you put the wildcard.

I tried to raise an issue but I couldn't access the qlik bug reporting platform with my account.



if(wildmatch([Entity Name],'sample1','sample2'),[Service Line])

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Yes I have data when i put a wildcard.


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thanks for your suggested , but it doesn't work.

I had open a case on support Qlik

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Bug ID open on Qlik Tech Support : QLIK-71054