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Calculate running totals for a line chart with a continuous (time) x-axis dimension.

I am a newbie with a question about how to calculate cumulative (running) totals for a line chart with a continuous (time) x-axis dimension. I have a model with 1 table joined to a regular master calendar table. The columns of interest for my report in the main table are (account) Amount and 'Account Type'. I want to plot 'Month/Year' as x-axis and amount as Y-axis. I have an 'Account Type' dimension with 3 values (obligated, expenditure, committed) so I want to show these as 3 lines. The report shows the plot points for sum(Amount) fine but I want to get the running amount total for each account type across the time dimension. I tried using RangeSum(Above()) but nothing changed on the report, I assume because I really need to sort it by Account Type / Date. When I try that I get (depending on the report type) either a message that you can't change sorting for a continuous dimension OR it switches Month/Year and 'Account Type' so 'Account Type' is now the x-axis. Can someone help me work out how to calculate a running total for Amount across month/year for each 'Account Type'? Thanks.

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