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Calculated dimensions in Sense


After created a calculated dimension in Qlik Sense, I use it as field to select. The naming in the field was correct, but when I have selected some values in this, the selection is named after the Expression and not the label I set for the Dimension.

Is this a feature or a bug?

Calc Expr Field.JPGCalc Expr Selection.JPG

Br Patrik

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Re: Calculated dimensions in Sense

Selections are made on fields in your data model.

If your calculated dimension is rather static, I would suggest to create a new field in your data model that filter, e.g. Customers in Germany. Then use this new field in your dimensions and filters.

If you don't want to do this and if you want to show the field you are selecting in instead of the expression,  I think you can use something like (don't know your exact calculated dimension, thus showing just something I made up):

=Aggr( If(Mid(Customer,1,2)='DE',Customer),  Customer)

Re: Calculated dimensions in Sense