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Calculating an attrition rate


I am trying to calculate and visualise an attrition rate which shows me the rate of attrition month-on-month, but have been unable to calculate it correctly.

I have gone about this by creating my own fields of 'Headcount' and 'Leavers' in order to write the expression. What I have so far, which doesn't give me the right results:


'RangeAvg(Above(count(HeadCount),0,12))' correctly displays a moving average of headcount, which is what I want, however 'RangeSum(Leavers)' breaks the formula. The attrition formula I am trying to recreate is:

Sum of leavers (April 2017 - March 2018)/Average Headcount (April 2017 - March 2018)

Any ideas?


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Re: Calculating an attrition rate

May be this

RangeSum(Above(Count(Leavers), 0, 12))/
RangeAvg(Above(Count(HeadCount), 0, 12))
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Re: Calculating an attrition rate

I have tried that variation but it didn't work 😞


Re: Calculating an attrition rate

Would you be able to share a sample which we can take a look at?