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Calculating average sales

Hello, I have a quite basic question. Imagine a sales table where for each product the sales amount is recorded monthly, something like this:

ProductName     SalesDate       SalesAmount

-------------   --------------  -----------

A               01/11/2014      10

A               01/03/2015      30

B               01/04/2015      10   

A               01/05/2015      10

A               01/07/2015      30

A               01/11/2015      10

A               01/02/2016      20

B               01/02/2016      40

A               01/03/2016      10   

For each product, I have also the date where sales has started:

ProductName     StartSalesDate

------------    ----------------

A               01/11/2014     

B               01/03/2015     

I would like to get a summary with a monthly average over a period, but taking into consideration StartSalesDate. For example, if 01/03/2016 is the max date limit, with no period selected (all-time sales) I would have

ProductName     Total Sales     AverageMonthlySales

------------    --------------  ------------------

A               120              7,05    (i.e. 120/17)

B               50               4,61    (i.e. 50/12)

but selecting 2015 as period, I should obtain:

ProductName     Total Sales     AverageMonthlySales

------------    --------------  ------------------

A               80              6,66    (i.e. 80/12)

B               10              1,00    (i.e. 10/10)

and selecting 2016

ProductName     Total Sales     AverageMonthlySales

------------    --------------  ------------------

A               30              10    (i.e. 30/3)

B               40              13,3  (i.e. 40/3)

What would be a correct approach to do this in your experience?

Many thanks,


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Re: Calculating average sales

Try this expression:



(((Year(Max(SalesDate)) * 12) + Month(RangeMin(Max({1}SalesDate), YearEnd(Max(SalesDate))))) + 1 -

If(Year > Year(StartSalesDate),



When nothing is selected:


When 2015 is selected


When 2016 is selected:


I think two places it doesn't match is when nothing is selected you have 50/12 as 4.61, where as I think it should be 4.16667 (or 4.17)

and second place is when 2016 is selected B's max date seems to be 01/02/2016, so it should be 2 months, not 3, right?

Attaching the application for you to play around with.




Re: Calculating average sales

Attached a different solution.

I assumed that you want to count the months up to today's months for 2016 or if nothing is selected.

(Currently you are only counting months up to the max month in your sales fact table, but you don't have records for all months).

You can adjust this by changing the vEndDate variable in the script.

I've also added a kind of master calendar which makes it easier to get the min and max month numbers per selection and also allows to draw your data on a time base without missing months.


Re: Calculating average sales

Did not realize this was Qlik Sense

Attaching a QlikSense sample application as well

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Re: Calculating average sales

Thank you Swuehl and Sunny T, both your solutions works perfectly, I was fighting with an expression similar to the Sunny T one, when I realized in fact that i was missing a "total", and that for this reason the result was dependent from the selection. Thank you again for your answers, I've learnt a lot from both!