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Call SQl procedure with input value

Please help me, using Qlik Desktop 2018 Patch 2, 12.44.3 version I create SQL procedure

SQL EXEC [Procedure] @WORKPLACE_ID=[$(vPara1)], @CHANGE_TS_VALUE1=[$(vPara2)], @CHANGE_TS_VALUE2=[$(vPara3)];

And call it Using Inside Data load editor section

LET vPara1 ='34534534'; 
LET vPara2 = '2018-12-01 00:00'; 
LET vPara3 = '2018-12-02 00:00';

My question is how it's possible to input value from App side(screen below): using the filter, custom object, input box whatever and click on reload button to generate the result from the procedure by clicking load dateprocedure.png

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