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Can't change AUTO number setting

I have a calculated field that I would like to display as Gross Margin %. When I go to the Measures editor, the only option that appears is "Auto". (i.e. when I click the arrow, no additional options are shown) I don't have the ability to set the field display, as the other threads I've searched suggest I should.

Is there some kind of "global" setting I need to change in order to activate the display options, in the .ini file, or somewhere? I've tried looking through the app but didn't see any options that would appear to govern this.



AUTO number.PNG

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Re: Can't change AUTO number setting

So drop down won't have any other option? May be it would help if you are able to share a sample where you are seeing this issue

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Re: Can't change AUTO number setting

No, as I said, no other options appear. Clicking on the drop down arrow just reverse highlights "Auto", and then goes back to the screen shot I showed earlier when I release the mouse.

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Re: Can't change AUTO number setting

What type of object is this?

What is the full expression?

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Re: Can't change AUTO number setting

It's a pivot table. The expression is (ItemExtendedPrice-ItemCost)/ItemExtendedPrice.

When I look at the tutorials, they all suggest I should click the arrow next to "Auto", and I will see a bunch of different formatting options. However, as I said, nothing happens when I click the "Auto" expansion.

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Re: Can't change AUTO number setting


Can you try removing your expression and just leave it as empty and check if that Auto option combo is working ?



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Re: Can't change AUTO number setting

Today, I closed the entire app and Qlik Sense, and then reopened them. Now, the number option comes up when I select "Auto".

When in doubt, reboot.