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Change windows user name for a Qlik user


I've a qlik sense server  installed on an amazon ec2 machine.

All my license are used as user tokens and are allocated to local windows users I've created on the machine.

Due to a regulation demand we have, I need to change the names of the users (to be the same as other systems we have).

Now, when changing the user account name on windows (right click on him and click rename), and then trying to access QS from the new username (the old user does no longer exist on the windows machine), Qlik doesn't allow access for him as it doesn't have a license (although I didn't create a new user, I've just changed the name for an existing one).

I can't deallocate all my existing users and wait for 7 days until I'll be able to reallocate them again to the new names (I can't shut down the BI for a week... ).

Any solution for that?


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Re: Change windows user name for a Qlik user

I would contact Qlik and explain the problem. They should be able to give you a temporary license that last for 12 days or so with the double amount of tokens. And then you can delete the old users and create new ones. After 7+ days you can revert back to your original license.

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Re: Change windows user name for a Qlik user

Dear Tom,

   On the first Qlik Sense versions, I used a process to clean licenses as mentioned below:

- Open the QMC and delete the license leases;

- Stop all services on the server;

- Update the date (+10 days);

- Start all services and open the QMC to check the licenses releases;

- Stop all services on the server;

- Update for the correct date;

- Start all services;

  This is not a workaround or a recognized process from Qlik.

   I´m not sure if it will work again, but it have worked on the oldest versions.

   Backup everythink until start this process.