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Changing the width of scrollbars


I am wondering if there is a possibility to change the width of the scrollbars in Qlik Sense?

Using Firebug in Firefox I could some settings by changing the width here:

<div class="scrollbar-animation scrollbar-track ng-scope ng-isolate-scope vertical" ng-style="data.style" ng-class="data.classList" ng-if="scrollbarY.enabled" x-viewport-rect="viewportRect" x-interactive="interactive" x-data="scrollbarY" style="top: 3px; width: 8px; left: 1887px; height: 292.633px;">

from e.g. 8px to 15px, it got a bit wider, not very much though as the site adapts the div box around it and not much is visible.

Also, when reloading the page everything is reset.

How can I change this permanently in the client?

See attached image, of an example using Firebug.

Some users have difficulty using the current sizes of scrollbars.

Thanks in advance.