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Contributor III
Contributor III

Color Pivot Table

Having issues with my pivot table. want it to be able to be completely colored based on the logic below

if(Dimensionality()<>0 and secondaryDimensionality()<>0,
If(interval([TRO Date]-Today(),'d') <= 0,lightred(),
IF(interval([TRO Date]-Today(),'d') > 0 and interval([TRO Date]-Today(),'d') < 60 ,rgb(255,190,0),
IF(interval([TRO Date]-today(),'d') >= 60,lightgreen()))))

3 logic are Horizontal Axis (TRO Period):

  1. TRO Date is in the past (Red)
  2. TRO Date to expire in 60 days (Amber)
  3. TRO Date that 60 days and beyond (Green) 

However, I'm unsure why not all the fields are being colored. The expression seems correct but i'm not entirely sure why the pivot is partially colored.pivot.PNG



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