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Color variation of single bar in bar chat based on condition

Hi All,

I want to change the color of only one bar in bar chart based on some condition.

But as I try to all the other bars also gets affected.

Below is the screenshot of the application


I want the third bar(pink one) to change to red in case its value is less than 10 and to green if it is above 10.Rest bars should remain unaffected.

Please let me know in case there is any way to implement it.

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Re: Color variation of single bar in bar chat based on condition

Could you please send us an example app?

As you can see below, I have an example where I'm manipulating colors by expression.


Here is the expression used on it:

If([Nome Cliente]='OI SA' and Count ([Código do Atendimento])>600,rgb(0, 168, 255),

     If([Nome Cliente]='CSU CARDSYSTEM SA' and Count ([Código do Atendimento])<390,rgb(39, 60, 117),

              If([Nome Cliente]='OI MOVEL SA' and Count ([Código do Atendimento])>750,rgb(251, 197, 49)

                  ,rgb(220, 221, 225)




Is something like that you want to?

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