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Colour by Dimension using variable not working


I am having trouble with the new colour by dimension feature when trying to use a variable to define the colouring dimension.

It seems that any attempt to use an expression to determine the dimension by which colouring should occur results all bars being coloured grey. I have tried defining a measure in the master items but I can only ever get the 'null values' colour to be selected.

Screenshots that explain the issue are attached below.

Using colour by expression could be an alternative, but losing the legend makes the chart difficult to read.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Without using a variable.

No variable.JPG

Using a variable:



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same problem 😕


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello, hope you are doing well!

I do not have an intuitive fix to your issues but I can offer a potential workaround. 

Click on "color by expression"(fx) and try something like what is below but fill in your own field and id name 

if(Employment Type='Supplier', Lightblue(),if(Employment Type='Part Time',Cyan(), if(Employment Type='Casual',DarkGray(),if(Employment Type='Full time',yellow(),if(Employment Type='etc",lightred())))))

not sure if this will provide the required results but I use it to color similar bar graphs/segments...Also you may have to delete some parenthesis at the end depending on how many variable you are defining.


Hope this helps! Harrison