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Combine Pivot Data/Results in Another Diagram

Dear All,

I recently started to work with Qlik Sense Desktop. Now I wonder if there is any chance to combine the data/results of different Qlik pivot tables in another diagram.

In one pivot I calculate the average usage of a material per month; in another table I calculate the overal availability of a material. Now I would like to take both results per material and month and join those values in another diagram and calculate with those values.

Any support appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


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Re: Combine Pivot Data/Results in Another Diagram

Hi Philipp,

Objects are completely independent in Qlik Sense. So, you can't literally reference the results of one object in another object.

You can create the other object in a way that repeats the same calculations that were made in the first object. It's easy to do if you use Master Items - Master Dimensions and Measures in both charts.

hope it helps,

Oleg Troyansky

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