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Combine two fields as one row in pivot table

Hi all

This is a double barrelled question. And to clarify, this relates to Qlik Sense Server.

I have two fields I have created using CASE statements in the Data load: Partner_Referred and Partner_Onsell

FYI, the CASE statements are here:

       ,CASE when ACC_SEGMENT not like '%Growing%' then 'Y' else null end as Partner_Onsell

       ,CASE when REF_CLIENT_ID <> '' then 'Y' else null end as Partner_Referred

As far as the pivot tables are concerned, Partner_Referred has an associated Measure - Count(DISTINCT(REF_CLIENT_ID))

And Partner_Onsell has Count(DISTINCT(CLIENT_ID))

When I have them in two separate pivot tables, it works swimmingly.

However, I need to combine these two fields into one row on a single pivot table.

Something like a MATCH: if(Match(Partner_Referred, Partner_Onsell,'*Y*'),'Partner Referral',null). Except that doesn't work at all.

Plus, while I have a DISTINCT count of REF_CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_ID separately, there are a number of ID's that appear in both results.

I need to have a DISTINCT count of ID's from both these fields.

For example, there may be 20 distinct ID's in both fields. 5 ID's however appear in both fields. So the figure that should show in the pivot is 35.

Any ideas please?