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Combining Apps

Hi i have just started using qliksense to create a weekly executive report showing sales performance for the last week, an average of the last 4 weeks and year to date. i am having an issue combining graphs of ytd sales and an average of last 4 weeks sales. OR combinng last weeks sales with YTD sales.

The data in my excel file that i uploaded is like this:

WkTotal 2015 SalesTotal 2015 BudgetTotal 2015 Budget Absolute VarianceTotal 2015 Budget % Variance

The only that i have found to show only week 52 sales in my combined chart is to use a week filter and then select '52'. This is fine but i have a another combined chart trying to show 'YTD' but the data here will show week 52 data because of the filter i selected. To show YTD data i have to select the YTD filter but then i will have both 52 and YTD in both graphs.

ive attached images of the 2 graphs. i had to create the graphs in different apps to get them to appear. i wasn't even able to create them in separate sheets because of the week filter apparently applies to all sheets within an app.

Any solution to this please?