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Compare sales of today (dd/mm/yyy) with sales of same day last year


Hope you can help me!

I need to build a chart with the sales info of this year  (column) day per day (rows) and the sales info of this day but last year  (column). I mean, don´t have to compare with the exact date, but with the date that this weekday last year was.

In my database, among other data, I have a column with all the dates day per day of this year and last year (dd/mm/yyy) and another column with their respective sales per day.


Date                Sales

01/08/2016     15.000
01/08/2015     11.000
02/08/2016     23.000
02/08/2015     12.000

03/08/2016     14.000

03/08/2015     19.000
04/08/2016     10.000

04/08/2015     16.000


Date                Sales       Sales LY      Dif.   

01/08/2016     15.000     19.000         - 4.000 

02/08/2016     23.000     16.000           7.000

**Comparing 01/08/2016 with 03/08/2015 (same weekday last year) 

Surely it is quite simple, but I'm stuck and I need some help :S

Thank you!!