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Comparing two date ranges

Hi evrebody,

I would like to implement a table which compare two ranges of dates previously selected with a date range picker.

I already have a tab with those informations :


The Sales P-1 and Sales P are defined with a simple combo box filter (YTD, 0-12/12-24, etc.) with the held of a variable.


Is my variable used for Sales P.

The vSetSales is my set analysis with the sum of my sales, then the currency etc.

For the period, the vLVarP1 is important. It's this one that is linked to another set of variables, dynamically changed with the combo box selection. For instance, if the 0-12/12-24 is selected the value


is set to the variable.

Now, I would to change this logic, and be able to chose with two date range pickers the two periods that I compare.

Do you think It's possible and can someone please explain me how to do it?

Thank you in advance.