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Comparison between date range using variables cross years


i'm trying to calculate the numbers of customers between two dates ( two dates of one year) and compare the same period in the past years.

Using the following statement I have the number of customers between the two dates but not in the others years.

Count({$<[DataDoc.autoCalendar.Date]={">=$(=Date(StartDate))<=$(=Date(EndDate))"}>} distinct [CustomerCode])

I tried this:

Count({$<[DataDoc.autoCalendar.Date]={">=$(=Date(StartDate))<=$(=Date(EndDate))"}>+1<[DataDoc.autoCalendar.Year]=>} distinct [CustomerCode])

but it doesn't work because it return all dates.

I could use the function AddYears() but I don't wont write n times the same statement...

Count({$<[DataDoc.autoCalendar.Date]={">=$(=AddYears(Date(StartDate)),-1)<=$(=AddYears(Date(EndDate)),-1)"}>} distinct [CustomerCode])


Count({$<[DataDoc.autoCalendar.Date]={">=$(=AddYears(Date(StartDate)),-2)<=$(=AddYears(Date(EndDate)),-2)"}>} distinct [CustomerCode])

and so on....

I'm sure it's more easy....any suggest?

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Re: Comparison between date range using variables cross years

Hi, Marcello. You can add a field to the calendar like this

Num(Month(Date)) & Num(Day(Date), '00')  as [MonthDay]

and the statement would be

Count({$<[[MonthDay] ={">=$(=Date(StartDate, 'MDD'))<=$(=Date(EndDate, 'MDD'))"}, [DataDoc.autoCalendar.Date], [DataDoc.autoCalendar.Year]>} distinct [CustomerCode])