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Control Chart - display multiple lines based on number of selections made

I am trying to create a control chart in Qlik Sense without using an extension. Right now I have one dimension (Date) and one measure (Value).  When the user selects a Test, the control chart should display the Value over a course of time.  I have my upper, lower and mean limits displayed on the chart.  The chart works great when there is only one Test selected.  Currently, if I select more than one Test my chart doesn't display any values or lines.  The picture below is showing the chart with one test selected. help.PNG I want to be able to display multiple lines on the control chart if multiple tests are selected. The number of lines is based on the number of selections. 

For example, if I have 1 Test selected, the chart should show me one line. If I have 2 test selected, 2 lines.. and so on. 

Can someone help me with this?

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