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Count If on Qlik Sense


I'm trying to create a new KPI on Qlik Sense. Basically, I want this KPI to count how many times the value zero occurs in a set of data. Essentially, I'm counting how many times inventory is zero in a large group of products. It is set that there is a dimension called Products that has all the product names. Then, there is a dimension called Inventory that shows how much inventory there is for each product. I've tried various solutions from the following sites, but none of them seem to work for my data:

How to calculate total count of a specific valu... | Qlik Community


Here is what I think should work, but doesn't work:

count({<[Inventory]={'0'}>} Product)

Please suggest what to do.


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Re: Count If on Qlik Sense

Please post a small qlik sense app with some data that demonstrates the problem.

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Re: Count If on Qlik Sense

Not sure why that doesn't work, but try sum(if([Inventory]=0,1,0))