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County Area on Map - no DC?

I'm trying to color every county in the US, but no matter which way I try it, I've been unable to color DC. I've discovered that I have to have the state abbreviation then the county name to make them unique (PA-Erie & NY-Erie), but I am stuck on DC. Is it DC-DC? DC-District of Columbia? DC-D.C.??

There's also a few in WI that won't color when I have nothing selected, but once I click on the state, all the counties will fill in. No idea why. They're using the same format as the rest.

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Support (Former)

Re: County Area on Map - no DC?

@tschogren  DC is weird, because it is not a state, it is a federal district and falls outside the whole state/county pattern. In general this article may have some steps that can help you with the other items. https://support.qlik.com/articles/000065733
if you have access to a GeoAnalytics environment and have a license for it, using the connector like this can be very useful technique to solve issues where you cannot seem to figure out what values should be to match.