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Create Dynamic Waterfall chart with two dimensions

Hello Community,

My first post here. I'm been struggling with creating a dynamic waterfall that shows sales progression from one year to another as contributed by brand. I hope I can learn input from the community.

So basically I believe I need to create a dynamic waterfall chart with two dimensions (brand and time duration) and one measure (sales value).

The chart should show the first bar as LY sales, the final bar as CY sales, and the bars in the middle building up from LY sales to CY sales should represent the contributions by brands (each bar is one brand - positive or negative figure)

Now my challenge is, in Qliksense it seems I can only put in one dimension + one measure, so I haven’t yet figured out how to add both time duration and brand as my two dimensions. Also, with the logic of creating a standard waterfall I am able to create only one fixed bar beginning, and the final bar will be dynamic based on movement of the middle bars; however in this case I need to fix the first and final bar (LY sales and CY sales) and it is the number and the length of the bars in the middle that should be dynamic (depending on which regional sales I am looking at in the filter, for example).

I have seen other people show such dynamic waterfalls but can't find a Qliksense demo anywhere to recreate it. could you pelase advise? Many thanks!

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I guess you should use a third-party extension to get a two-dimension waterfall chart. Like our AnyChart extension, basically. Look if that's what you want (looks so): https://qlik.anychart.com/extensions/anychart/docs/waterfall/#dimensions