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Create custom ranges for a Qlik Sense map

I'm using the map extension that comes with Qlik Sense to create a point map, with bubbles to illustrate my measure.

By default, Qlik Sense is grouping the data for my measure into eight categories, but I need it to divide my data into four categories that I specify the ranges for myself (ex. '1-5', '6-9', '11-18', '19+'). I've been searching, but haven't found a way to specify this.

I've thought about simply loading the data into my custom categories in the load query and then specifying colors through an expression, but if I did so, when someone rolls over each map point, the pop-up will show the category and not the value of the measure for that specific point. I need the pop-up to show the value for that specific point.

Do you know of a way to make this work?