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Create "templates" with data and section access

Hi All,

Im new to Qlik Sense and im trying to create an empty app with data for some users. What I want is to prepare the data set (with section access) for the users to let them browse (maste items, fields and so on) and use the data in different objects as they want. I don't want the users to have access to "data manager" or "data loader editor" in editor mode. Is this possible to create some kind of template with data as some starting point?

My problem is this: I have a lot of transaction files in qvd and users may only see their own transactions created by their CC. In qlikView we use section access to restrict the data and now that we are using qlik sense I want to use the same QVD-files and let the section access restrict the data. Users want to create their own reports/dashboards/analysis so I thought if I create some kind of template with a prepared data set and section access users can only see their data.

Any suggestions? There surely other ways of doing this...



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Re: Create "templates" with data and section access

With the standard rules in QS a regular user would not be able to see data manager or data loader by default.  They also should not be able to edit existing sheets.  Depending on their setup they may be able to create new sheets that belong to them.

Section access should work the same as it is in Qlikview to limit what data they can see. 

If you have not already you might want to look into Governed Self Service setup from Qlik.  I have implemented on our system and it really works quite nicely to control what kind of access people have depending on their roles.

Qlik Sense Governed Self Service