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Create sheet in App from json file


I'm using Qlik Sense with .NET SDK (C#) and also REST API requests to read a json file with definition of a qlik sheet object and then create a new sheet in a App.

After creating the sheet, I then approve the sheet and then publish it (using REST calls).

Some of the sheets that I create are getting approved and published succesfully, but some are failing to be approved or published.

I supect that it has something to do with duplicated object ids in the sheets (if the json sheet file imported was extracted from the same app and imported again).

For publishing sheets I used:

ISheet sheet.PublishAsync();

and then tried a REST request (we implemented a class to make this requests):


But sometime it succeeds to publish, other times it fails, without an apparent pattern.

After publishing I then approve sheets, moving them into the base sheet of the App (again using REST):

Put($"qrs/selection/{selectionId}/app/object/synthetic", requestBody... -> where the request body is json list of objects with the ids of the sheets

But again sometimes this requests fail to approve the sheets (altough in the result doen't show that if failed).

Does anybody has used this type of operations and have clue to what the problem can be?

Thank you

Miguel Dias

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