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Contributor II
Contributor II

Creating a Collection Dashboard! Links to KPI:s?


So in our organisation we have, of course, multiple dashboards with different datasources.

Now I would like to build  one app/dashboard that contains links to some specific dashboards. Very easy to do with the link-functionality in Qlik. But I would like to have some KPI:s below the link of that specific dashboard. 

So, I have in total 3 apps, each containing 5 KPI:s and much more details. 

I want to create a 4th app thats called The Collective KPI:s. This 4th app is going to have 3 links, one per app. 
But I want to also show these KPI:s. So I want to have a app with a total of 15 KPI:s showing. 
Is it possible to just create a link of some sort to these KPI:s, or do I have to extract all of the datasources, connections, and everything in to my new "collective app"?


Kind regards

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The question is older but I am also in the same boat; how to create one collective dashboard from several apps. Bumping hoping to get more visibility on the post