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Custom Property - Should this be applied BEFORE publishing app or AFTER?

Hi guys,

If you could give me some advice here, I would be very appreciated - shall I apply custom property BEFORE publishing my app, or AFTER publishing my app?

For my situation, I use custom property and associated security rules as one of the access controls for my clients. I have a multi-nodes server environment set up. To my best knowledge, I don't think when to apply custom property should matter. However, I tried both BEFORE and AFTER. Interestingly, I got different results. (FYI - the custom property / security rule worked on other published apps before)

I have 2 accounts for testing, one is root admin account, the other is "client" account (Read Only user role). Both accounts are associated with the same custom property. Then I used the same unpublished app for testing:

1. Test1_app: apply custom property first, and then publish

2. Test2_app: publish first, and then apply custom property.

For Test1_app: the root admin account opens it just fine. However, client account gets "No sheets are available" when open the app (As image below)

For Test2_app: the root admin accounts gets "No sheets are available"; while client account opens it just fine...

Client AccountRoot Admin Account
Test1_AppNo sheets are availableOkay
Test2_AppOkayNo sheets are available


From the Audit section, I can see both accounts have read access to the 2 apps.

Did anyone have the similar issue with me? Or if anyone has any insights about what is going on there?

Please let me know if I missed any details there.

Thanks in advance,


Custom property:


Security Rules:



User Access Audit:


2 Replies

Well, I think I might be able to close this question - we restarted our servers this morning. And this issue was fixed by itself. It's magically working now. I tried the same scenario and this issue is no longer existing.

I may guess there were some issues happened when we our multi-nodes sync up on security rules or custom property. I will go back and check if I can find more proofs.


Is someone elke also running into this same issue? Restarting the services doesn't work.