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Custom colouring in Sense

How can custom colouring be set up in Sense?

Sense has a few canned colours in the app, as well as some colour schemes for gradients or colouring by a dimension.

I'm thinking of a custom pallets and custom sequential gradients.

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Re: Custom colouring in Sense

I don't know how it's done in the charts or the Text object, but you can change the  the background color of an expression column in the Table object using the rgb() function.


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Re: Custom colouring in Sense

Themes / default color maps are not available yet in the product. As stated above its a manual override to change the color and use a color expression.  RGB()  (define a color) , ARGB()   (add a transparency index) , HSL()  (hue/saturation/luminosity),  

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Re: Custom colouring in Sense

Hi Jonathan,

When default color / themes will be available?