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Customizing / Fixing Chart Bar Colors

Hello! I created a master item (Dimension), where I classify if an activity is (on time) or (out of date). I would like to represent this in a chart, but I would like to choose the green color for the activities that are (within the time limit) and (red) for the activities (out of date).

I tried to do this by expression, but I could not do that in QlikSense

Can anyone give me tips on how to solve?

Ex: Master Item (Dimension):

=If(Floor(Aggr(Num((Today() - Max(data_ocorrida))/30),cod_conta)) <= 3,'1 - RELAC. EM DIA','2 - NECES. RELAC.')

Ex: Appearance> Presentation> Colors and Caption (By Expression):

I tried to do this in the expression but the two bars are red.

It did not work out as I would have liked.

If(Floor(Aggr(Num((Today() - Max(data_ocorrida))/30),cod_conta)) <= 3,Green(), Red())

Current results:


Expected outcome:


I'm a beginner and thank you for the attention and help from everyone.

Thank you!


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Re: Customizing / Fixing Chart Bar Colors

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Re: Customizing / Fixing Chart Bar Colors


Interesting. I was going to reply that your formulas should work, but then I tried it myself and it seems to work only for when it's a specific value eg xxxx = something 3 not for when xxxx <= 3. Not sure if it has to do with the AGGR or not

For example, try all that that you're doing but use =1 instead of <=3 in both formulas. Not that this is what you want but I'm just trying to confirm if it makes a difference. Please let me know the results with you try with a specific value

I checked the post Vladimir recommended and it works fine but in that example there is no range or aggregate as you have here



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