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Customizing the top black navigation bar?


Can I customize the black top navigation bar?  For example, can I disable the global search button?  Can I disable the list box you get when you click on the options chosen and listed in the bar?



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Re: Customizing the top black navigation bar?

I don't think so.  Even if you could it would probably get overwritten when you did an upgrade.

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Re: Customizing the top black navigation bar?

I do not think so as well. And I do not think that is needed.

Because for normal usage case in QS, you use the QS objects to another html based website, so you actually do not directly use this black navigation bar sheet from QS.

And actually, I do not like this black navigation bar at first, but find it is really helpful when the dash become more complex. It is like the "current selection" and "search" objects in Qlikview. And actually, I add these 2 objects to all my QV dashes, so I think that is why it is added by default in QS.


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