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Contributor III
Contributor III

Data Display

I have built an app and upon opening the app, no data displays.

These are my expressions:


vMaxYear=if(getselectedcount(Year)=0, max({<CurrentYear = {1}>}Year),max(Year))



Refund Units TY = sum({<Year={$(vMaxYear)}>} [Refund Qty])

Refund Units LY = sum({<Year={$(vMaxYear)}-1>} [Refund Qty])

My data goes all the way up to 2021 which does not have data hence the TY has no values as we not there yet.

How do I restrict my data to display where we currently are today?

We also have a field calendar type (which has two calendars planning and financial). How do I restrict the data to display where we currently at in above-mentioned calendars?