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Data Lost Issue because of QVD row optimized

Dear Team,

When initially I am fetching data from SAP, I have around 15000 records in the qvd file. But when i am fetching data from that qvd file and storing into another qvd file. I am left with only around 9000 records. I am not any changes during this process. The major reason which was highlighted is "qvd row optimized", which resulted in  loss of data.

Request you to look into this and suggest suitable solution for the same.

Looking forward for your support.





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Hi Sunil,

  Please check the following:

  Do you have enough space to store the new QVD ?

  Do you have any where clause in the LOAD Statement  from the extracted QVD ? 

  Are you using distinct clause in the LOAD statement ?

  Maybe you have some special character stored in a column and this breaking the store process. Try to select a few columns a check if with only these columns the QVD is stored with all rows.

 Try to disable the optimization adding a where clause with only this criteria 1=1. here is an example:




Where 1=1;

Hope it helps !




Dear Team,

Thanks for the suggestion.

But the provided suggestion are not helping to get of the issue. Still some
data get lost due to row optimization.

Looking forward for your support.
MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

How do you check the number of records?

- Marcus