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Date greater than in visualization

Hi all,

I have a combo bar/line graph that's displaying all the data for all the dates when I really only want it to show data for 3 years.  I have the dimension field as


Which is working just fine to give the month-year.  I just can't seem to get the graph to start at about Jan-2015


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Re: Date greater than in visualization


you should use a set analysis inside your expression, what is the expression you're using ?

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Re: Date greater than in visualization

The expression posted above is what I'm using as a dimension for date

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Re: Date greater than in visualization

Hi Kyle,

The way I do it is by limiting the returned values of the dimension and expressions.

Here's one that limits the returned dates to 2018 or later.


Or if you wish to use a sliding window then something like this.


After this I disable Null values on the field and I'm only left with the selected date range hard coded in the chart.

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